Digital Marketing, the most modern and result oriented marketing technique is now being adapted by every business regardless of how big or small they are. Following the trend, many small and large groups are emerging as Digital Marketing Agents, offering basic digital marketing services at higher-priced packages. We, Fourart Designs Private Limited, conducted a market survey to gain a thorough understanding of their experiences with signing up for such digital marketing services and the results were surprising. The majority of agencies work on puzzling price packages that leave no clue as to why they did so. And what are the outcomes of their campaigns? 96% of customers reported that they have received vanquish results, that they ended up believing that Digital Marketing is not efficient or at least it does not suit their line of business.

Digital marketing, the most modern and effective method of marketing, can sell any type of product or service, regardless of your line of business. With digital marketing, you can sell anything from a tiny safety pin to a massive blue whale. No, we are not encouraging you to sell a giant blue whale online, but the marketing opportunities for digital marketing are massive and expansive. You simply need to identify and employ a strategy combination that works well for your business.



The majority of people are concerned about pricing. Is digital marketing an expensive form of marketing? Absolutely not! Digital marketing is very cost effective and flexible, allowing you to set your own budget. When you use the right marketing strategies, you can save a significant amount of money and use it to expand your marketing strategies to the next level.

What differentiates Fourart Designs Private Limited as a unique digital marketing agency in Kochi, Kerala? Simply, our approach. We would love to call ourselves a creative digital marketing agency that will deeply understand your needs and then propose solutions that are well tailored to fit in your needs. We provide absolute solutions rather than creating more problems. With Fourart, you will no longer have to worry about your budget anymore. We are so transparent that we run the campaigns in your own Ad accounts, giving you complete visibility into what’s going on in real time. With us, your marketing budget is completely utilised solely for the campaign purposes, and we charge a small fee for our facilities that will not break the bank. Our vision is to provide you with the best digital marketing experience possible, with complete transparency, that actually helps you grow 

At Fourart Designs Private Limited, we specialise in Digital Advertising Services, Branding and Social Media Management for businesses of all sizes and domains. Want to know more? Talk to the experts by dialling 095674 44473 or email us at [email protected]. We wish you a happy marketing!

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