Here are some tricks and tips that will give you a quick tour of SEO in 2021.

Convert Transcript to Blog

  • Repurpose a transcript into a useful blog.
  • This should include an introduction, headings, subheadings, Screenshots and visuals, links, and comments.
  • Don’t forget to maintain the on-page SEO.

Content hubs

  • A group of related content regarding a particular topic is called a content hub.
  • Get the content to grab the mind of the audience and let them start responding and sharing it across social media.
  • Let your content hub revolve around a particular topic, and optimize it for search intent.

Publish research content

  • Use a stat, a survey, or case study, or an analysis.
  • Hook it and this brings backlinks, many shares, and also visitors.

Page Experience optimization

  • Make sure that the pages load efficiently and in less time.
  • Responsive pages are essential for more user interactions.
  • Optimize your site for mobile phones.
  • Take note of the safety and security of a site’s connection to keep up the trust.

Build backlinks as a podcast guest

  • Build links using podcasts just like guest posting.
  • Share what you know and generate backlinks.

Artificial Intelligence will Impact SEO in 2021

  • Google’s AI algorithm is worth appreciation.
  • AI can improve life and that the greatest impact is when every user can access the best out of it.
  • Understand the user experience signals and captivate people through organized content that keeps them engaged.

Focus on Visual Content

  • Make sure that you use concept visuals.
  • When a tricky concept needs to be detailed in an easy-to-understand format, you can go for these.
  • These visuals are helpful in SEO in 2021 and bring more backlinks to the site.
  • It is a kind of search that needs no query.
  • This type of search is a milestone in the digital world that works with AI tools.
  • Predictive search is ranked based on the type of content, the user interest, and the quality of the content.

Local Search Listings

It simply means local SEO.

  • You may create a Google my Business page for this and start appearing in the local search listings.
  • Local SEO is as important as a global one and needs to be considered with importance.
  • But ensure that you have a strong backlink profile to support your digital existence.


The trends of SEO in 2021 are covered in the above content. Get the best out of your efforts by merging these SEO bits and your USPs. Since digitization demands SEO, it has to be understood and used wisely to rank your site on the top.

Match the phase of global competition, by tuning your site to adapt to new SEO trends and redefine the performance of your brand.